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Asset Preservation System

Never risk your personal and business property
including real estate and inheritance
with our 30 year proven system

What We Provide


Free Asset Analysis

Review all assets with a coach to determine what is eligible for becoming untouchable, including from court order.

Real Estate Preservation

All real property becomes untouchable, including from IRS, Medicaid, and other court orders while you retain control.

Protected Bank Accounts

Use bank accounts that are not subject to freeze, seizure, or garnishment. Make liquid funds untouchable and within your control.


Personal Assets Preservation

Personal property such as vehicles, jewelry, valuable collections, tools, equipment, furniture, and all manner of personal belongings can be removed from the reach of court order.

Business Assets Preservation

Remove legal access, control, and use of business assets such as accounts receivables, accounts payables, cash on hand, furnishings, tools, equipment, inventory, proprietary processes, and even intellectual property.

What You Can Expect

EDUCATION on the use of tools and instruments that have been common for centuries. The goal is to understand the many ways these can be used together to remove all assets from the reach of others consistent with and within the law.

PERSONALIZED DOCUMENTS and CONTRACTS. Anyone can have Irrevocable Trusts, Revocable Trusts, Living Trusts, Promissory Notes, Lien Instruments, Trust Fund Accounts, Creative Contracts, Contractual Obligations, Performance Agreements, Non-Disclosure Contracts, and many others. The “Asset Preservation System” goes beyond the documents to separate assets from the reach of others forever.

PERSONALIZED ACCOUNTABILITY to complete and implement the system. Each assignment will be verified as complete before the next assignment is given. Completion means protected bank accounts can never be seized or frozen, protected business inventory and property can never be taken, protected personal property of all kinds including vehicles, jewelry, precious metals, personal collections, and real estate becomes untouchable. 

LIFETIME ACCESS and SUPPORT via Email and Phone.

We provide a FREE Asset Analysis to tailor the system to you.

Don't expose you, your family or your assets for one more minute.

Schedule your call now to get your free customized plan of action!


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