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It started with a single action to separate the family home from the reach of court action when wire fraud emptied the family accounts, leaving debt and no money.

A creative attorney, now retired, walked us through the process so a family could stay in their home regardless of the financial duress.

This has evolved into a complete system of strategies using a vast assortment of legal documents, contracts, and filings to include all assets even beyond the residence.


About Us

Protect families from the immoral aggression allowed in the legal system.


We believe children and spouses should never be the victims of Medicaid Estate Recovery, IRS Penalties, or Frivolous Lawsuits.


Starting over, homeless, with nothing, is not fair to a spouse or the children – EVER!

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Build an estate for the family and keep it free from exposure to loss from any legal actions including foreclosure, bankruptcy, Medicaid Estate Recovery, IRS, or frivolous lawsuits in a way that cannot affect the estate.


Separate the equity from risk as you pay down the mortgage, and keep it separated for the next generation with our one of a kind Asset Preservation System.


Untouchable Assets serves legal professionals, law firms, investment groups, and groups with shared interests.


Services include paralegal personalized documents, education, and coaching on the use of documents.


Upon completion real estate becomes untouchable. The family home, vacation property, rental properties, and all types of investment real estate are tied up in a systematic approach to remove property from the reach of others in a way consistent with and within the law.


Schedule your call now to get your free customized plan of action!


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