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Greg in Mississippi

Construction was good, plenty of work, and money was flowing everywhere. Then all of a sudden life got hard and the money stopped flowing. It got real bad real quick. No work, no money, no pay. Banks don’t forget and sooner or later they will come collecting. In 2012 all of my accounts were frozen in two banks. They took $12,000 against a $5,000 debt. I had lost control of my business without the ability to meet bills due. Then in 2015 they did it again, including the account in my wife's name. $7,000 turned into $20,000 by the time they got done - AND they put a lien on my house. That can never happen to me again because we set up the Asset Preservation System using Protected Bank Accounts that cannot be touched along with proven strategies to remove the house from the reach of collections. No Worries Now!

Al in Tennessee

My job was working me to death. I wanted to secure the money and the property so it could not be touched by any frivolous lawsuit. I also wanted to transition me out and my kids in. The Asset Preservation System has already blocked an attempt to steal my bank accounts once, and will likely be needed again. Thank God I have the system in place now.

Chris in North Carolina

I am a Deputy for the Sheriff’s department. Part of my job is service of legal notices for collections and property seizures. I am familiar with the process. My insurance company contacted me recently with notice of policy limits. The maximum payout has been reached, so they will not be paying any more. In other words, there will be a civil lawsuit in the near future against me personally, which will include the belongings of my wife and 3 kids. We are in process now to separate the kids' college savings, and all other bank accounts from the reach of court order. Once the liquid assets are secured and untouchable we will separate the house, cars, and personal belongings with the Asset Preservation System to take those out of harm's way also. My family will not be thrown out on the street from a civil lawsuit, and my kid’s college funds will not be stolen from them.

Micky in Florida

Our business rented a commercial property where we invested heavily in the updates and remodel. Our landlord decided to move us out and began filing lawsuits. We offered to settle even though we did not owe. He will continue filing until he gets a ridiculous judgment, and then pursue collection forever. After it was too late we discovered this to be standard operating procedure for this landlord. Every past tenant we have found has been sued to death by him. Fortunately, we were introduced to the Asset Preservation System and now have all assets untouchable. Even a judgment in his favor will not be worth anything because there are no assets exposed for a Vulture to pick at. Now that we have the system in place we are safe from people like him forever now.


Bill in Texas

Our family farm has a residence and 5 outbuildings. We raise corn, alfalfa, and cattle. Three years ago two teenagers stole our pickup truck for a joy ride. Between 3:00 and 4:00 am they discovered large trees don’t move out of their way. The passenger died on impact and the driver survived because the airbag deployed. He then went into a coma. My auto insurance was the first to be depleted, followed by my homeowners insurance. The one million dollar umbrella policy was next to pay out. The cash accounts, livestock, and property would be the next to go. We were referred by a friend to the Asset Preservation System before the wave of lawsuits hit. The cash accounts were off limits. The livestock was locked down and could not be taken. The property became untouchable. The lawsuits coming lost all motivation when it was clear there would be no payday because there were no assets to collect. Our family and family farm both remain intact because we implemented the Asset Preservation System when we did.

Marilyn in Georgia

We were suckered into a real estate program to show us how to flip houses. It started with us answering an ad from one of Tv shows about flipping houses. They helped us get credit cards to pay for their programs, promising we would be able to pay the credit cards with our profits. They sent our credit application to hundreds of companies all at once. Suddenly, we had $80,000 in credit card debt and our annual income is only $25,000. The company has since been investigated by the Feds for credit fraud. That does not change the fact we were buried in debt we could not pay. The collections companies were getting aggressive and we were about to lose everything we worked for our whole life. We tried to negotiate with them, but they did not want to hear it. We set up the Protected Bank Accounts so the cash could not be touched. We then followed the Asset Preservation System to remove all equity from the properties to make them untouchable too. Our credit is trash now, but with the system in place we sleep at night knowing we won’t lose anything. And the great part is, with this knowledge we will be safe from legal system theft for life.

Heather in Minnesota

My husband got into Financial trouble 15 years ago, let a house go into foreclosure and a  car went to the bank. There was also some credit card debt. He just walked away from it all, before we even met. Now I have a house with just my name on it. Next thing his paycheck was garnished, and the bank accounts were next in line for garnishment, including my kids college fund. Then the house after that. We discovered someone had bought a massive pile of old debts for just pennies on the dollar. Now they are coming to collect. The Protected Bank Accounts blocked all access to our cash and the Asset Preservation System taught me how to take my house out of the reach of these creditors. Thank you guys for all you have done.

Devin in Utah

My wife passed away a few years ago, leaving me to raise our daughter alone. As luck would have it, I was deceived by a gold digger for my new wife. I was working overseas for six weeks at a time. She was a good pretender and had me fooled. I got suspicious when the accounts were coming up short. I hired a private investigator. He discovered secret bank accounts she opened to move my money into without my knowledge. He also showed pictures and logs that she did not take care of my daughter while I was away. Instead, she placed my daughter with her sister the day I left and picked her up just prior to picking me up from the airport. She was living with her boyfriend for six weeks at a time in my absence. The investigator logged several visits with a divorce attorney, so I knew what was coming. I had a crash course in moving money from exposed bank accounts into Protected Bank Accounts. I then learned how to secure the house so it was off limits in the coming divorce. When we met with our attorneys I volunteered a full asset disclosure as my attorney explained the disposition of assets to her attorney. This meeting lasted less than 15 minutes as her attorney saw there was no paycheck from the family assets. My Daughter gets it all, house, rents, bank accounts, college stipend, etc. Gold digger couldn't use my daughter’s money to pay her attorney, so her attorney quit.

Tracy in Oklahoma

I had a house before the marriage, now my ex is going after that. Worse, he ran up a sizable debt while we were going through the divorce, and now they are coming after me because apparently your name doesn’t have to be on the debt, you just have to be tied to the one that gets the debt. Thank you guys so much for helping me put the Asset Preservation System in place so I can keep my home and accounts away from HIS creditors.

Karen in West Virginia

I was a victim of racial discrimination, which led to a lawsuit and loss of job. I  was coming into substantial money in a settlement. I did not know what to do with it. I just knew I wanted to have it where  nobody could get to it. Protected Bank Accounts work great. Thank you.

Vicky in Kentucky

After the divorce my ex continued to fight for more and more at every turn. He wanted to sell the house for pocket money to spend. He tried to take our son’s savings for college. We set up the Asset Preservation System and took everything off of the table. His attorney realized nothing could be collected so he then started billing hourly in advance. That ended our nightmare fast. My son's future college is secure and his money is safe now. Thank you so much for showing us how to separate assets from the ex permanently.

Don in Utah

I accidentally overheard a phone conversation that the originator of the Asset Preservation System was having and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I actually was a little upset that I wasn't aware of the system many years before as he had developed it in 1992. . If I would have had the system in 2001 it would have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars plus my home. This doesn't even take into consideration the mental anguish it caused me and my family. When he was off the phone I had him explain it to me and without hesitation I bought in. I am a 76 year old man that has had many different businesses and as hard as I tried to avoid lawsuits it just happens. Many are unjustified; however you just don't know what's going to happen and that's why I jumped at the chance to bulletproof my assets. A few years after I had made the purchase it was brought to my attention that someone was trying to collect a 50,000 judgement that I had already paid. One of my bank accounts wasn't protected; however my Social Security benefit was going into that account and that makes it protected from garnishment. I received a letter from my bank saying someone had tried and they did not do it because you can't touch Social Security benefits. My other accounts that were protected with the system weren't touched because they're invisible. I would recommend this system to anyone. It's extremely affordable and it really works.

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